Why do people commonly unfollow brands on Instagram? Keep your followers from unfollowing you

The people usually follow a brand or company on Instagram & later, they unfollow it. Is there anything strange? No, it is not an unusual practice & people usually do it if they think there is nothing more of their interest.

In this scenario, all the brands & companies must try their level best to prevent their followers from unfollowing them. In this regard, the most important thing to understand is the potential reasons for which the people usually unfollow brands. Let us have look at the most common reasons & try to avoid them all for your brand.

Boring or repetitive content

The people who follow you on Instagram definitely want to see interesting, fresh & unique content on a regular basis. If they observe that you are posting something boring, you are posting the same thing over & over again, or you are copying the posts of someone else, they will immediately unfollow you. Moreover, if you choose to post irrelevant content, it will also let them unfollow you.

So, try to post something that is out of ordinary, originally from your brand & appeals to others.

Lots of posts altogether

In fact, we see influencers or start-ups posting several times a day on Instagram. The people usually suggest to post several times a day but, posting too much can also hurt your reputation. Posting one to two times a day is acceptable. On the other hand, if someone exceeds the limit of posting 5 times a day, 20% of followers on average will unfollow you. So, if you don’t want to hurt your followers as well as your own reputation, make up a decent routine for posting on your Instagram account.

Say no to offensive posts

As a band, when you post something on your Instagram profile, you must have a professional tone. Unfortunately, opposed to this, a few brands post content that the followers find offensive. In this regard, they don’t think twice before unfollowing you.

Your intention of posting that offensive content may not be hurting other but you are just posting it for fun. Still, it can be taken as your weak point & the people may un-follow you. So, the best recommendation for you is to be professional with your posts as well. It may also include the poor use of hashtags, too much promotional content about your own company etc.

Irrelevant content

When people follow you, they are here for the specific kind of content from your end. For example, if you are running an Instagram page for cooking recipes, they people only want to see the interesting, new & delicious recipes from your end.

People can see the irrelevant content from different perspectives. Some people may enjoy it too, if its something funny or inspirations. On the other hand, a few may find it unpleasant. So, the best recommendation for you is to post only the relevant content to keep followers from unfollowing you.

No engagement at all

Social media platforms are all about getting social & that’s it. For business & brands, it is important to engage with their followers. The people who follow you usually want to have a loyal relationship with you. Try to make a strong connection with your followers by engaging them with you in several ways. The most important thing is to reply to their messages & comments (especially if they are important).

These are the common reasons for which people usually follow brands on Instagram or other social media platforms. So, it is really important for you to avoid them to keep your followers from unfollowing you.

Wrapping Up –

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