What is Instagram and How Does it Work?

what is instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous socializing apps across the world. Almost every famous celebrities use Instagram and are connected to their fans through it. Like other social networking sites, it also allows the users to follow other people. This article will cover the complete introduction of Instagram and actually how it works.

Intro to Instagram:

Instagram is an American based Social Networking site owned by Facebook. It was launched back in 2010 on iOS and its Android version was launched in 2012. Instagram allows its users to upload images or videos edited with different filters to add captions and engage with others. It gained popularity in no time with one million users in just two months. Currently, there are more than 1 billion active users of it and continuously growing wildly. Still, some people don’t know how amazing it is. If you’re individual, an influencer or running brand page and not using it efficiently. Certainly, after reading this article you’ll say to yourself why I’m not using it in this way?

Like other social networking sites, everyone who creates an account at Instagram has a profile. If you posted any photo or video by your account it will be displayed at the news feed of people who’re following you. Similarly, at your news feed, posts of your friends will be displayed. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed male celebrity having 206 Million followers. Similarly, Ariana Grande is the most followed female celebrity with 177 Million followers.  

There are several amazing and exciting feature of Instagram that are as follows:

Posting Through Your Account:

If you want to share something, just tap at the plus icon at the lower bottom of the toolbar. You can share one or more photos and videos at the same time, editing it with many filters. After posting, you can add the caption, tag people and mark the location. Your uploaded posts will be shown to your friends and followers at their news feed.

Posting your pictures or videos seems to be easy if you are using a mobile phone. In Case of PC, it is a bit tricky. See Instructions before posting it through PC.

Instagram posting is the most suitable way in order to more engaging and exposure. You can also Buy Instagram Followers in order to enhance your visibility to a larger audience. Having numerous followers results in more reacts to your posts. Which can ultimately tend to increase your following and makes your profile attractive.

Discover People You May Like:

Socializing is all about interacting with your friends and making new friends. Click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom toolbar and you will see list of people you make. People of your interests, your favorite celebrities will be shown there, after following them their latest posts will be displayed to your timeline. Besides this, there is an option of search at the upper side. You can explore your friends or other people in order to follow them.

Initially, Instagram accounts are public by default, but you may choose to create an account that is private. Only your friends and approved persons will be allowed to see your posts.

Story Feature:

Instagram Stories might be the most exciting feature of social networking history. Since the introduction of stories on Instagram back in 2016, their engagement increases greatly. You can also upload any photo or video in your story feature if you have an account on Instagram. Your Story will be visible to your followers for ne8xt 24 hours. Celebrities stay connected to their fans by regularly posting their vibes. Sharing your live events and experiences keep you in touch with your friends Instagram stories are so engaging due to certain reasons.  Having massive story views has many benefits too. As it increases your exposure and organic following.

Instagram Live Video:

The live video feature is quite different from other video feature. How does it work

  • You followers get a notification when your video is getting live.
  • People can comment and react at your live video at real-time.
  • It won’t be saved in your Instagram account.

This is another way for marketers to merchandise their products or broadcasting their live sale or discount offer. Instagram Followers of you can interact within this way conveniently. If you’re a celebrity you can interact live with your Instagram Followers.

How does Instagram Work:

Even if you don’t use Instagram but definitely you have an idea about Instagram. In this article, we will cover how does it work including creating the account to using it.

Following steps will help you to comprehend how it works:

1. Register:

As Instagram is a mobile application, therefore, you must download it from the Internet. After downloading the Instagram app, connect it with your Facebook ID. If you haven’t account at FB you can sign up through your Email Id or Phone Number. After creating an account, Upload your Profile Photo and edit your information which includes your brief intro. You can also change it to private account but every account is initially public by default. In the case of private accounts, your uploaded post and upcoming posts will not be shown to unknown people.

2. Navigation:

Every time you open and load Instagram, you’ll immediately be brought to your news feed, that is filled up with pics and vids from users you decided to follow on Instagram. At the bottom of the app, there is a menu bar, and the top right has your inbox, that is where direct messages you can find.

There are five options at the bottom of the app and it has the following options.

  • Home
  • Activity
  • Profile
  • Upload
  • Search


You are probably thinking what the aim of making use of Instagram is when there are numerous many social sites around the world. The primary purpose of Instagram is that it’s based on photos, that are quite simple to consider using a smartphone. You don’t need to take away a camera to share things around you—just take a picture, apply some filter, and enjoy it.

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