How to achieve first 1k followers on Instagram?

Here on Instagram, achieving the first thousand followers is a bit daunting task. Most of the people choose to buy Instagram followers at first. There is no doubt that this is one of the reliable ways to build up your follower base, no matter what the purpose is. But, there are other ways too, which can let you have your first 1k followers and after that, acting upon on those ways consistently, you can easily achieve the desired number of followers on Instagram. The most amazing thing to mention here is that all of these ways are free of any cost. Without investing a single penny, you can amazingly increase your follower from zero. The main purpose of all these tactics is to make your profile appealing looking to others.

Optimizing your profile is the key

The most important thing you need to learn is optimizing your Instagram profile. How can you do that? Here are several ways you can do this successfully.

  • Having a unique and relevant theme for your profile is an amazing way to let the people know a little bit about you just by a glance. The theme also lets you focus and organize your content the best way.
  • For instance, when someone visits your Instagram profile for the very first time, the first thing they look for is your bio. This is what makes them know about you in a few seconds. What to include in your bio? Formulate your bio to mention your main theme, your website link, as well as something interesting and persuasive about you.
  • Does the profile picture really matter? Yes, it does for sure. When it comes to choosing the profile picture for your Instagram profile, make use of something that shed your theme essence, your content as well as your own personality. Just by having a look at your bio and your profile picture, people make your impression in their mind. So, both of these things must be amazing enough to interest the users as well as to grab the attention of others.
  • Being a company, business or something else, you may have accounts on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, etc. So, you can choose to link your Instagram account with your other social media accounts. This is the way which will surely let you increase Instagram followers. The people who know you there are surely going to follow you here on Instagram as well.

Engaging others towards your Instagram profile

You may get followers by optimizing your Instagram profile at the start but you must also try other ways, like engaging other users, to achieve your purpose of getting first 1k followers.

  • Instagram is all about following. So, the more people you follow, the more you will get the followers back. Look for the accounts that share the same interests as yours to follow. The chances are that they are more likely to follow you back.
  • You are suggested to like the photos of others more than often. It will let you have plenty of followers on a regular basis. But, keep in mind that it doesn’t work for celebrity accounts.
  • If you need to get your very first followers, you can leave meaningful comments on other people’s posts on their Instagram account. Leaving general comments that comprise of one or two words won’t work to get you the desired number of followers.

The last but not the least thing is to post on your Instagram account consistently. Get more Followers on Instagram and make up a schedule and decide to post for three to four times a day in the beginning.

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