How Can Fake Followers Harm my Page Rank?

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When you are signed up to a social networking site and you are using it as an element of your S.E.O (Search Website Optimization) method, you may well think that gaining a large number of fake fans appears like a brilliant idea. Though paying money to get more followers can have multiple benefits, it could also damage your online reputation and that is the reason why gaining real proponents can be much more beneficial for your credibility. Twitter Followers

Google Can See Fake Followers

The main reason to avoid getting fake followers is that Google and other search engines will punish you. When you have a large following of quality, highly targeted traffic, then the search websites can reward you with a higher page ranking which ups your visibility and so helps generate more website traffic. However, if your fans are false then Google can see it and you can be blacklisted.

Fake Profiles Will Get Removed

A different reason to avoid buying fake Twitter, Google+ or other social media “followers” is that many of the profiles will eventually get removed. Inactive profiles that have been automated and created just for boosting your numbers will just sit on a social network and will never be used.

Not only are these profiles non-responsive and will never answer to your posts, you may eventually end up losing these fans anyway once the social network realizes they’re inactive. Your profile may also be deleted if it is discovered all of your followers are automated robots. A loss of fans can end up in a loss of credibility for your brand and can adversely influence your page rank.

It Can Put Off Real Supporters

When you have a tiny group of real supporters you do not want to put them off by placing them in the same class as your fake proponents. The difficulty is that other real Twitter proponents will be able to tell that you have fake fans too. They can tell with only a few clues too:

– You’ve only tweeted a number of times but you have thousands of supporters
– Your fans have no profile picture
– Your followers have no bio on their profile
– Your supporters are following thousands of people but have no fans themselves

How it’s Possible to get Real Supporters

To get more Real twitter followers who are real folk with real profiles, you need to post quality tweets, follow others in your niche, post frequently and have a thorough bio and good profile picture. When you can get a few supporters who trust you, this can draw others to your social media account and finally to your website which can have a great effect on your Google rank.

Eventually, you will not realise that you have fake supporters. Some rivals might see you as a threat and buy twitter proponents for you to hurt your reputation (shocking I know, however, it does occur). All you have got to do is run a check using a trusty “Fake Supporter” software to keep your statistics up and your page ranking high.

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